about me

Hello my name is Qiké Quintero.  

Coming from a Hispanic background I was exposed early to stories that dealt a lot with magic realism. This has always been one of the main interests in my work.

Being somewhere in-between reality and fantasy.

My first encounter with art was when I was five years old when I made a paper kite at school.

It wasn’t until a year or two after the paper kite experience that my mother drew a cow for me on my homework assignment. I knew I had to learn how to draw someday.

After many years of honing my skills, reading about the masters, and working tirelessly to gain technical art skills I knew that the path for me was to continue this rough and yet rewarding road of being an artist. I love bringing visual worlds and stories to life. Whether it be with Photoshop, drawing, oils, watercolors, pen and paper.

I am fast when I work. I listen attentively and carefully to my customers.

I can take direction and add vision and attitude to any artistic direction.  

Allow me to help you bring your story to life in a unique and poetic way.

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